Herb Chambers - 2011 Honda Odyssey Elite with Check Fuel Cap Message on Way home from purchase

Norwood, Massachusetts 2 comments
Not resolved

I just purchased a 2011 Honda Odyssey Elite from Herb Chambers of Burlington and on my way home the check fuel cap message light illuminated.

I have had the car into their service department 3 times and I left there last week and its still there. They are unable to fix this problem and have called a honda technician and it will stay in service for another week, at least.

I checked other websites and this is clearly a problem for the new models. In this condition, the service department told me I would not be able to get a state inspection sticker for this car or be able to resell. Is this a lemon?? I am totally pissed!!!

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I will never buy car from them again.


I got the exactly same problem for my new 2011 Odyssey EX-L, with 230 miles on it. Not sure what to do. Filed complaint with Honda.

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